How do I add someone (one off add) to a call time list?


To add a singular contact to your already filtered call time list:

1. From your CRM, open the Call time list you want to add the donor to and select the + Add contacts button in the upper right hand corner. 

2. A "Add Contacts to Calltime..." side panel will appear where you can type and select the names of the donors you wish to add to the call time list. Once complete select add X contacts. 

3. Close the panel and select the New data available, click to update button in the top left corner to refresh the list. 

4. The new donor or donors have now been added to the call list. 

Alternatively, if you are in a donor's profile and you want to add them to an existing list or to a brand new list you can click on the Giving History tab then select the Add to Calltime List button. Select the name of the list from the dropdown menu or select 'Add a new one'. Lastly, select the 'Add to Calltime List' button.

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