How do I switch accounts?

To switch accounts in your Numero platform select your name in the top right corner and select the Switch Account option. You'll then be able to choose from a drop down menu which account you want to switch over to. To use this feature all of your accounts must be associated with the same email address. You can change the email address your account is associated with in your settings. It is important to only have 1 account open in your browser window at a time. Having multiple accounts open in multiple tabs is not recommended. 

If you are an existing Numero user and another user is going to add you to a new platform, make sure they know which email address to invite you with in order to avoid setting up multiple Numero usernames and passwords. 

If you purposefully want to set up accounts under different emails and passwords, you'll need to use the sign out option when you want to switch from platform to platform vs. using the switch account option. 

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