How to I add a photo to a donor in the App and/or CRM?

To add a photo to a donor that populates in your CRM and in your App, you need to add the photo through the donor's profile in the CRM. You cannot add a photo via the front end of the Call Time App. 

1. From the donor's profile, select the gray circle containing the donor's initials in the top left corner of their profile. Select the Add Photo button. 

2. The image source box will open and allow you to choose your image source. The most common image sources are a direct upload from a file on your computer or use of a public URL. 

To upload a photo from your computer, select the first option- My Files, select the browse button, choose the file, crop the photo as needed, and select done. 

To upload a photo using a public image URL, select the 2nd option- Web Address. Find a public image on the web (Pro Tip: a Google image search or public LinkedIn photo works great, private Instagram and Facebook photos will not work), right click on the image and select "copy image address" (do not select copy link address).  Paste the image address URL into the Public URL of file to upload box and select the purple arrow. Crop the photo as needed and select done.

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