Can I process contributions from organizations on my contribution forms?

If an organization such as a PAC, business or corporation (vs. and individual) wants to make a contribution to your committee, they can process that contribution through our organization checkout process. You will need to let the Numero team know your organization contribution maximum (or suggested a high end max if there is no max- ex; $100,000+) and request organization checkout be turned on for your forms. Simply email us at The representative from the organization will then be required to fill out the organization details as well as details for the responsible party associated with the company making the contribution. 

When you want to send your form link to an organization to contribute you have two options: 

1- You can send them your standard form link and advise them to click on the link that says "Contributing as an organization? Click here". 

2- Alternatively, you can click the click here link and copy and paste the url in your browser that takes you straight to the organization checkout process for your particular form. 

The representative for the organization can then enter their contribution amount in the amount section. Once the representative has designated the contribution amount, they will then need to provide the organization's information as well as a few details about themselves before entering the payment information. 

If you are a CRM user, upon completion of the organization's checkout, your CRM will associate the organization and the individual responsible party in your CRM. 

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