How do I add a timezone to my contact?

You can add a timezone to your contact via their individual profile or via a bulks to add the timezone to multiple contacts at one time. Filtering contacts by timezone can help you generate call time lists appropriately in correspondence with that timezones waking hours. 

1. To add a timezone to an individual contact, select the pencil icon to the far right of the donor's profile. 

2. Scroll down to the timezone section and use the drop down menu to select the appropriate timezone. Select Save. 

3. To bulk apply a timezone to multiple contacts at once, from the contacts tab select Add Filter. Select Address, select state, and choose the states in your first timezone. Select Apply Filter. 

4. Select the top checkbox to select the first 25 contacts in your list. If you have more than 25 contacts in your list and you want to bulk apply the timezone to ALL of the contacts in your filtered list you need to select the Select All X contacts link. 

5. From the Actions menu select Timezone. 

6.  Select the appropriate timezone from the drop down menu. Select Update Timezone. 

7. You'll now be able to filter your contacts by timezone and send them to the call time app if desired. 

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