When do I need to input a Donor ID?

  1. Using Donor IDs allows you to track each unique donor.  For example, you may have two different donors with the same first and last name. The App has no way of identifying these two donors as unique without utilizing a unique Donor ID for each donor.  Adding a unique Donor ID to each donor will help the App tell the donors apart from one another, and help the team track Call Outcome activity by each unique donor.  If you are not using a CRM that assigns Donor IDs for you, we recommend FirstLast1, FirstLast2, etc.

  2. If you have a CRM system that assigns each donor a Donor ID, it is recommended that you keep the IDs consistent across platforms.  This way, if you do multiple imports of your donors into the All Donors tab, you will have the ability to identify duplicates. The Donor ID cell will highlight any duplicate donor IDs yellow. 

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