How do I send a voicemail drop?

Voicemail drops allow you to drop a pre-recorded voicemail to a donor with or without fully dialing through to the donor's voicemail. Voicemail drops are available on accounts with Numero Plus. If you do not have Numero Plus and wish to learn more contact 

1. To drop a voicemail to a donor you first need to set up a voicemail template. From the Calltime Lists tab, select the Templates tab. Select the add template button and select the voicemail template option. 

2. In the save voicemail template side panel, input a specific name for your voicemail drop so that you can tell it apart from other voicemail drops. Input a callback number for donors to call you back at (note this will not be the number the donor sees when you dial but it will be the call back number when the donor selects your number to call back). Upload an audio file (only .mp3, .m4a or .wav files accepted). To record audio, we can recommend the Voice Memo App for iPhone users and Audio Recorder App for Android users. Select save once you have uploaded your file. 

3. Next, make sure to associate your voicemail drop template to your calltime list. From your calltime list, select the ... option in the top left corner next to your calltime list name. Select Edit calltime list. Select the Templates tab in the edit calltime list side panel. Select the add template button at the bottom of the panel. 

4. Select the Voicemail template option. Select your voicemail template from the drop down menu. Select Save. 

5. If you plan to drop your voicemails from the front end of the app, open your calltime app and open the donor profile in which you would like to drop a voicemail. Scroll to the contact info section of the donor's profile. Locate the drop voicemail icon and select it. Include any notes you may want to include with the interaction that will be recorded in your CRM when you drop the voicemail. You will need to acknowledge that you understand that you will be sending a voicemail to the donor, and that you have their consent to contact them. Select Send. Once you have sent the voicemail you can check the status of your voicemail by opening up the interactions tab. 

6. If you plan to drop your voicemails from calltime mode through your desktop platform, open up the donor profile from your calltime list and select the drop voicemail button in the upper center of the profile. From the drop voicemail side panel select the phone number in which you want to drop the voicemail to, add any notes and select a team member (optional), confirm consent to contact the donor and select drop voicemail. 

7. Your voicemail drops will be recorded as an activity on your donor's profile. Click on the voicemail link to open up the voicemail drop and view more information such as any notes taken, the team member who recorded the interaction, and more. The result of the voicemail drop can be any of the following: 

  • In Transit- the voicemail has not yet been delivered but is on its way
  • Delivered- the voicemail was delivered successfully 
  • Failed- the voicemail was not delivered successfully due to one of the following reasons: 
    • Error from SIP Server- the phone number is not reachable- usually because it is no longer in service 
    • Temporarily Unreachable- the phone number is experiencing a localized service outage 
    • Voicemail Not Detected- the phone number does not have voicemail capability 
    • Known Litigator- the phone number is a known TCPA litigator 
    • Not Mobile- the phone number is a landline and cannot receive voicemails 
    • User Busy- the telephone carrier actively rejected your voicemail attempt- usually because they marked your message attempt as spam
    • Internal DNC- the phone number is on a Do Not Call list and therefore blocked 

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