How do I add RefCodes to my Contribution Forms?

Refcodes are URL parameters that you can add to the end of your contribution form's URL that collect and store information about where your contributions are coming from.

There are many use cases for Refcodes. If there are multiple links on a single page, refcodes can help you determine which one is clicked most frequently, which will help you with testing content to see what resonates best with your supporters. 

Another frequent use of refcodes is if you're asking supporters to fundraise on your behalf. We have a tool specifically for that called raiser links, however, there are some scenarios in which you might prefer to just use refcodes instead. Reach out to if you want to discuss this further! 

Regardless of why you end up using them, follow the instructions below to correctly create the Refcodes:

1. Take the URL of the contribution form that you want to add the Refcode to: 

2. Add “ ?refcode=ANY_CODE_HERE” to the end of the contribution form URL you are using. For example: . Or, if you were using it in place of a raiser link,

3. Once someone donates through a form with a Refcode in the URL, it will be logged to the contribution record in your Numero CRM, where you'll be able to filter by Recode should you want to see all contributions with a specific Refcode. 

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