What happens when a donor initiates a dispute or chargeback?

A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when your donor questions their contribution with their card issuer.  Once initiated, the donor’s credit card company or bank immediately reverses the payment, pulling the money for the payment – as well as dispute fees – from the platform.

Dispute reasons we see most frequently are below:

  • The cardholder doesn't recognize this charge and reported it as fraudulent.
  • Your customer says they were charged multiple times for the same product.
  • Your customer says they were charged after they canceled a subscription.

Once a dispute of a contribution is initiated by the donor (or cardholder), the amount of the contribution will be deducted from your account on file, along with a $15 dispute fee.  You will receive a receipt for the refund of the contribution and dispute fee processed for your donor.

If the donor confirms that they would like to retain the contribution (rather than retaining their refund from their card issuer), please make sure to obtain an email (as evidence of written confirmation) from the donor confirming that they have rescinded the dispute with their bank, and Numero can submit that evidence on your behalf to the bank or credit card company to contest the dispute.  If the process is successful, the contribution will be returned to the committee, along with the $15 dispute fee.

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