How do I add donors to a Fundraiser and assign them a Fundraiser Role?

  1. Open the Google Sheet to the tab labeled All Donors.
  2. Make sure columns A (Fundraiser Name) and B (Fundraiser Role) are displayed in the spreadsheet (as a default they are hidden so you may need to expand them with your first use).
  3. Locate the donor you would like to add to your Fundraiser and select column A to navigate between Fundraiser Name options.
  4. To assign a Fundraiser Role to each donor (host, invited, attending, declined), locate the donor and select column B (Fundraiser Role) to navigate between Fundraiser Role options.  If you need to customize the Fundraiser Roles available, please contact
  5. In the Call Time App, select the Fundraisers tab, select your Fundraiser, and you will see your donor attendees grouped by their Fundraiser Role.
  6. You can also change the Fundraiser Name and Fundraiser Role associated to a donor directly in the App, and the changes will sync back to the Google Sheet, which can be helpful when you are seeking to confirm your donor's attendance during call time sessions.

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