How do I add a singular contribution?

If you ever need to add singular contributions to your CRM, you will need to follow the below steps to do so.

1. In your CRM, click the Contributions tab

2. Then select Add Contribution on the right-hand side

3. Start typing a donor's name to search in a drop down bar and select the name. If the contribution is coming from a new contact, you can add that new donor by clicking add new contact underneath the drop down portion

4. You will then be able to input all the information you have on that specific contribution like:

  • Amount
  • Payment method (check, cash, card, NGP, in-kind, wire, merch)
  • Notes (including check #, etc.)
  • Date/Time
  • Source Code
  • Refcode
  • Batch
  • Raiser (if a contribution came in through one of your raisers, you can give that raiser credit by selecting their name in a drop down)
  • Associated Pledge (if there is a donor with an outstanding pledge, you can fulfill the pledge)

Once you have filled out this portion, select Add contribution.

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