Does Numero store VANIDs?

If you plan to use NGP for compliance or other purposes in tandem with Numero, we can store your VANIDs in Numero. Please note that any donors you input into your Numero CRM will receive a Numero Contact ID, which is separate from but in addition to their VANID. You can run imports into Numero based off of the VANID or the Numero Contact ID. Extreme caution should be exercised when doing so to ensure you have the right VANID or Contact ID associated with the correct contact. 

The VANID is stored in the contact info panel of the donor profile. 

You can also view the donor VANIDs from the contacts tab when you filter for your contacts. 

If you plan to import your VANIDs, make sure you have a column labeled VANID in your CSV upload and map it to the VANID column when you import your file.  

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