How do I export a list or a filtered search?

You can export any List or filtered search you create by following the below steps:

1. If your list is saved in the Lists tab, select the list you would like to export. If you just created the list from the contacts, interactions, pledges, or contributions tab, skip to step 2. 

2. Once the selected list opens, click the Export icon.

3. An Export side-panel will appear. You can change the name or description.

3. Before you Export, you will want to select the data to export. Here are the options you have to choose from:

On a Contacts, Interactions, Pledges, or Contributions Export: 

  • All - Includes all information within your CRM.
  • Custom - This option allows you to choose exactly which columns you want to export. Once you choose custom, you will see another dropdown button appear, which is where you will choose which properties you want to be included in your export. This is a great option if you just want to export information to import into a mass mailer, where you might only need a few properties exported.

Available only on a Contacts Export:

  • Activity History - Includes activity interactions and contributions. For example every call, pledge, contribution, text, app interaction, etc. If you use the Call Time App, you can export this list and paste into the Activity History tab in the Google Sheet. That way, during Call Time, all past interactions and contributions are displayed within the app.
  • All Emails -Includes all emails available for contacts. This means in the export there will be one row for every email a contact has. 
  • Call Time (Paper) - If your candidate prefers paper call sheets, this is where you would export paper call sheets for each donor on your list.

if you choose custom*

4. Once you choose the data to export, select Export. You will receive an email letting you know the file is ready or you can download within the export side-panel/open the file. Files download as .CSV files but you can open them in Excel or Google Sheets. 

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