How do I input a new donor?

  1. You can input your new donors on the “All Donors” tab in the Google Sheet.
  2. If your donor list is currently housed in a CRM (ex: NGP) the quickest and easiest way is to export your donors (ex: bulk mail export in NGP) from your current CRM into an Excel file (XLXS, XLS or CSV).
  3. Once you have your list saved as an Excel file, copy and paste each category of information column by column into the Google Sheet

  4. Tips for Uploading New Donors:
    - Avoid copying and pasting multiple columns at once as any blank cells have the potential to merge causing data to display in the wrong columns.

    - If your CRM generates Donor IDs, make sure to input anyone you plan to call into your CRM first and then upload them into the Google Sheet with their Donor ID.  This will help you identify any duplicates and keep each donor unique. 

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