How can I pause my contribution form?

In some circumstances, you may not be able to fundraise during a certain time period. You have the ability to pause your forms during these instances, and initiate a custom message to let your donors know you are not accepting contributions at the moment. This is helpful for your donors to eliminate confusion as to why they are unable to make a contribution or locate your contribution page. When a form is paused, recurring contributions that are associated with the form will also be paused from processing until the form is resumed in the future.

1. To pause your form(s), you will need to go to the contribution forms tab of payment processing section, select the three dots to the right of your form, and select edit 

2. Next you will need to select the three dots ยทยทยท next to the form title

3. Then select pause from the dropdown options

4. A Pause form box will appear. From here you should include a custom message addressed to your donors. You can include why the form is not accessible at this time as well as when it will be unpaused. You can include any custom language as you see fit. Don't forget to select pause form at the bottom to save the message!

5. Once you have saved the pause message, you will know that the form is paused as an orange pause icon appears at the top of the form editor. Click the three dots again and select from the dropdown menu to edit pause message or resume / unpause the form. 

To Manage or pause more than one form at once:

  1. From the Contribution Forms tab, select one, several, or all forms that you would like to edit
  2. Select the Actions dropdown and select Pause Forms to edit your pause message for these forms and set to pause all the selected forms
  3. Enter your preferred message for all of these forms and finally select the Pause Forms button

You can also see which forms are paused by scrolling to the bottom of the forms list just above your deactivated forms. 

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