How do I deactivate and reactivate my contribution form?

Deactivating and reactivating your contribution form

1. If you need to deactivate your contribution form (ex: end of the campaign or you do not want to collect contributions on a specific form anymore), you can select the forms tab and check the box for the form(s) that you want to deactivate, click on the Actions button, then select the red Deactivate Forms button in the dropdown. Anyone who has your contribution link will be unable to contribute while it is deactivated.  Deactivating a contribution form will also pause all recurring contributions on that specific form.

Note: If you're entering a blackout period where you're legally unable to fundraise for a certain amount of time, we recommend pausing your contribution forms. Pausing your forms allows the unique advantage of providing a custom "away message" notifying donors when you'll be fundraising again and allows you to temporarily suspend recurring contributions vs. canceling them as is the case with deactivating your form. Ω2. If you would like to reactivate the contribution form, select forms and select the green reactivate option on the right-hand side. 

2. If you would like to reactivate the contribution form, select forms by selecting their checkbox, clicking actions, then select the green Reactivate Forms dropdown.

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