How do I edit an existing calltime list?

Sometimes you may need to edit the details of a call time list after you have created that list. You may need to edit the name of the list, the contribution form associated with the list, who can access the list, or the text and email templates associated with the list to name a few examples. 

1. To edit your call time list, select the Calltime Lists tab and click the three small dots on the right-hand side of the call time list you are trying to edit. Once you click the three dots, you will select Edit call time list.

2. When you click Edit calltime list, there will be a side panel that opens where you can edit such information. At the top of the Basic Info tab you can edit the name of the list, the description, when the list is due by, and the associated contribution form. 

3. Towards the bottom of the Basic Info tab you can edit who has access the the list. Note if you select custom, you'll need to individually select the users (you can select from anyone who has access to your CRM) you want to have access to the list in the App. 

4. Select the templates tab to edit which text and email templates are associated with your call time list. Select the X on the right middle side of the template to remove the template option from the list. Select the pencil to edit the Name or Body of the email template. Select the Add Template button to add a template option to the list. Don't forget to select Update calltime list from the basic info tab when you complete editing your templates. For more on creating text and email templates click here

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