How do I create and edit text and email templates?

If you're looking to utilize the features of texting and/ or emailing through the calltime app or through calltime mode, you will need to create text and/ or email templates in your platform before you do those actions.  If you ever need to edit existing text and/ or email templates after they are created, you will edit them from within the platform as well. 

1. From the Calltime Lists tab, select the Templates tab 

2. To edit or delete an existing template, select the three dots at the end of a template to edit or delete. 

3. To create a new template, select New Template. Then choose between text or email. If you would like to utilize the mail merge functionality where unique data automatically populates in the drafts of your text or emails, please use the below keys:

{FIRST_NAME} - The first name of the contact will be included

{SALUTATION} - The salutation of a contact will be included, if the contact does not have a salutation, it will revert to the contact's first name

{CONTRIBUTION_URL} - A unique link filled with the contact's information on the contribution form. A contribution form must be linked when creating a calltime list for this function to work

{USER_NAME} - The first name of the user sending the text or email

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