How do I access my call time lists?

Access Your Call Time Lists from the CRM

1. You can find your lists under the Calltime Lists tab in the bottom left corner of your CRM. You can view the lists you have created under the My calltime lists tab. You can view the lists others have created and shared with you under the Shared with me tab. You can view you text and email templates under the Templates tab. You can also start a new CallTime List by selecting the + New Calltime List button on the right hand side. Click the name of the list to open your call time list. 

2. Once you click on a list, from the Contacts Tab you can add additional contacts to your list, mark a contact as complete, log an interaction for a contact, edit a contact, archive a task as well as view basic information on each contact such as ask amount, left to max, last pledge, etc. 

3. You can also enter Calltime Mode by clicking on the first donor in your calltime list from the calltime lists tab. This will open a second tab where you can take action directly from the donor's profile and move backwards and forwards between donor profiles in your list. See our full article on CallTime Mode here. 

Access Your Call Time Lists from the App

1. Access your Call Time Lists in the front end of the App by navigating to the homepage of the App. You can search for a specific list by typing the name of your list into the search field. If your list is not yet appearing in the front end of the App, slide down on the screen with your thumb to refresh the App. Click on your list to open it up and begin calling your donors. If you need to edit your list at any time, see our article on how to edit an existing call time list

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