How do I see a donor’s past interactions and contributions in the app?

If your contacts have past interactions and contributions held within your CRM, the information will appear within their profile in the app. If you need help importing your contact's interaction or contribution history into the CRM, please click here.  

1. To view those interactions and contributions, scroll down the Activity section of their profile. When you select Contributions or Interactions, you will be taken to a list of all past instances. 

2. When in the contributions panel, you will see each contribution the donor has given, the amount of that contribution, the date it was received, the source code and the raiser who helped bring in that contribution if applicable. 

3. When in the interactions panel, you will see each interaction you have had with the donor including the date, the interaction type, the team member who interacted with the donor as well as the notes from the interaction. 

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