What contributions do I need to manually upload to maintain my CRM?

Maintaining your Contributions in your Numero CRM

After the initial data transfer is complete, teams will be responsible for importing their own checks/cash/in-kind/merch/etc contributions into the CRM in a frequency of their choosing (daily, weekly, monthly). This includes any non ActBlue or Numero card transactions (Numero and ActBlue contributions are automatically fed into the CRM). Teams can use the Numero contributions template to bulk import the data or take their own file and upload it into the CRM importer. The second option requires spending more time in the mapping process mapping each column to the correct end point. Note: If your ActBlue feed is not currently automatically feeding contributions into your CRM and you would like to turn on that webhook, please email support@numero.ai with the date of your first ActBlue contribution and we will request your feed be turned on through ActBlue. 

Importing New Contributions
To import new contributions, make sure there is a column labeled "payment method" in the file you are importing with cells containing one of the following options: 
  • Check
  • Cash
  • NGP 
  • Card (for any non Act Blue/non Numero contributions accepted via credit card)
  • Wire
  • Merch
  • In-Kind
You'll also need to make sure that if you are importing contributions for organizations that you have a column labeled "contact type", and you place the word "organization" into the cells beneath it. Place the name of the organization into the first name column and leave the last name column blank. 
Please also make sure each contribution has a date, amount and a contact to attribute the contribution to. If you would like us to match the contribution to an existing contact in your CRM, including as many matching properties (Contact ID, VANID, Address, Phone, Email, Employer, Occupation) as possible in addition to first and last name will help to not create duplicates in your CRM. 
Additional optional import fields might include: source codes (label the column source code and include your codes in the cells beneath it), batch number, etc. You can map items like check number to the Notes field. 
When you have completed preparing your import file, import the file from the contributions tab following the instructions here
Applying ActBlue Source Codes
If you have your ActBlue webhook activated then your ActBlue contributions automatically are fed into your Numero CRM. When they transfer over they contain the ref code and the form name but they do not contain the source code. 
To maintain applying your source codes to your ActBlue contributions you have two options: 
  1. Pull a report from ActBlue that contains the standard contribution data (First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Email, Amount, Transaction Date, Source Code), as well as the "LineItem ID". The LineItem ID is what helps us match the source code to the contribution. During the mapping process, you can map the LineItem ID to the Transaction ID column. Before you import, make sure that your import file contains a column labeled "payment method" and that each cell beneath it contains the word "Act Blue". You'll also want to make sure that you add a column titled "source code" and include the source code for each contribution. TIP- to make this process easier you may want to filter the export from ActBlue by the  Fundraising Page column to bulk apply your source codes. Once you have prepared your file, import the file from the contributions tab following the instructions here. Repeat this process on a frequency of your choosing (daily, weekly, monthly). 
  2. If you source code your ActBlue contributions by form name, you can bulk apply source codes by filtering by form name and using the bulk actions feature to bulk apply source codes. You can find instructions for this process here

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