How do I grant a volunteer call time only access to my platform?

Sometimes you will want to assign a group of volunteers or friends of the campaign to a calltime list but don't want them to have access to your entire Numero platform. To grant volunteers call time only access, you will want to select the drop-down menu in the top right of your platform. Then select Manage Team.

Then select Add Team Member, paste in the volunteer email, and from the Role dropdown, select Calltime. You will then need to select send invitation. 

When your volunteers accept an invitation, they will be able to download the Numero Calltime App and start on their assigned list! When they log in using their user name and password at, they will see this message below prompting them to download the Numero Calltime App from the App Store or Google Play. They will log into the App using the email and password they set up their account with. 

If you ever need to remove someone from your Numero Calltime App access, go to the Manage Team setting and select remove next to the appropriate name. 

To then assign your volunteers to a calltime list, when setting up your calltime list, you will need to select their name from the dropdown in the Custom Share setting.

Note: Volunteers can only call, text or email from their assigned lists. They cannot access the search all contacts feature in the App settings and they do not have a total contributions/pledges raised feature in the middle of their home page in the App. They also cannot edit contact information directly from the app but can add new call results and notes if contact information needs to be updated. 

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