How do I add my volunteers to a calltime list?

After you have added volunteers or friends of the campaign to your Manage Team settings with a calltime role, the volunteer needs to accept their invite and set up their account. Once their account is set up, you will be able to assign them to calltime lists. 

To do so, create your calltime list from the Contacts tab in your CRM. You will then select Send to App once your list is ready to go. 

When you add details about your list like the name, due by date and associate a form (if you choose to) you will then need to make the Sharing setting as Custom. From the drop down, you will then be able to select your volunteers who need access to that specific calltime list.

Your volunteers will then open their downloaded Numero Calltime App and will be able to begin their calltime. 

Note: Volunteers can only call, text or email from their assigned lists. They cannot access the search all contacts feature in the App settings and they do not have a total contributions raised feature in the middle of their home page in the App. 

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