How do I access Numero Giving History?

Access Numero Giving History by selecting a contact from the Contacts tab in your CRM. Please note our data set does not provide details for Organization Giving History, only individuals.

Once you are in a contact's profile, you can then select the Giving History tab. Giving History will be displayed if the contact has contributed to other campaigns, committees and/ or PACs that are available within our data set. There will be a total, average, and max amount of contributions at the top right which will adjust as you add filters for the party and/or the level (federal, state, municipal). You can sort the data by date of the contribution or by the amount, or you can include a custom date range. You can search for an individual recipient committee using the search recipient field. Lastly, you can also toggle off the ActBlue conduit contributions to remove any potential duplicate contributions where ActBlue filed the contribution and the contribution was later again filed at the committee level. Please keep in mind that if you filter out ActBlue conduit contributions you may be filtering out all contributions under $600 that were not reported by the committee since it was under the reporting threshold. 

If you select a contribution, you can see more details surrounding that specific contribution. Additional information will include: Committee Name, Candidate, Date, Party, Level (federal, state, municipal), Office (Federal: Senate, House, Presidential - State: Various), Jurisdiction, Election Year, Incumbent, In State.

This data is also available in the front end of the App in the Activity section of the donor's profile:

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