How do I add a singular contact?

1. To add a singular contact into your CRM, you will need to select the Contacts tab on the lefthand side of your Numero platform. You will then select the Add Contact button on the righthand side.

2. From the dropdown, you will need to select a contact type. Your choices are: Individual, Organization, Committee, or Candidate. 

3. For Individual and Organization, these contact types are freeform- you can fill out all the fields that you have data available for. When finished, select Add Contact.

4. If you select Committee or Candidate, you will need to start typing the name of the committee or candidate you would like to add. This field pulls from the FEC database. Once you select the Committee or Candidate you are searching for, select Add Contact when completed. 

NOTE: You can place your local and state committees or candidates in as Organizations, there is no difference capability wise as to what you can do with an Organization vs. a Committee or Candidate

5. Adding singular contacts is good if you have a small list of 10 or less contacts, but if you have more than 10, we recommend doing a bulk import. You can find an article on that process here.

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