How do I bulk associate contacts?

You can associate two or more contacts as having a relationship using the associated contacts feature. This article will show you how to bulk associate contacts from the Contacts tab. To associate directly contacts from a donor's profile, see our article on how to associate contacts directly from a donor's profile.

1. From the Contacts tab, use the search box to narrow down your results to the common connection (ex: last name or address for relatives, employer for colleagues, etc). Use the checkbox feature on the far left of the results to check off the contacts that should be associated. Select the Actions dropdown and select the Associations option. 

2. Select the master contact to which all of these contacts will be associated with. Select the type of association or create a new one. Add notes if applicable. Select Associate Contacts. Note: Contacts will only be associated in bulk with the master contact. In the example below, all contacts would be associated as the sibling of Horace, but Jerold will not automatically be associated as the sibling of Markus. 

3. A confirmation message will display letting you know your updates are in queue. 

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