How do I associate contacts from a contacts profile?

You can associate two or more contacts as having a relationship using the associated contacts feature. This article will show you how to associate a contact with another from a donor's profile. If you want to bulk associate multiple contacts at once from the Contacts tab, see our article on how to bulk associate contacts

1. Open up the contact you would like to associate with another contact and locate the associated contacts box on the right-hand side just above the emails for your contact. Select the add associated contact button. 

2. This will open the associated contacts box where you can use the contact drop-down to select the contact you want to associate or you can use the add a new one link to create a brand new contact to associate. Select the type of relationship these two contacts have or create a new type of relationship by typing it into the box. Mark the contact as primary if this contact is their primary associated contact. If you have any notes to enter about their relationship you can do so in the notes section. Select Save. 

3. Your contacts are now associated with one another and will show up in each other's profile in the front end of the Numero CallTime app.  

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