What integrations are available?

Numero has integrations with ISP and ActBlue, please contact support@numero.ai to set up an integration for either. 

Numero integrates with ISP for compliance filing. Automatically port your contributions, refunds, and cancellations directly into ISP for simplified compliance. To turn on the ISP integration in your platform please email the following to support@numero.ai: 

  • Your ISP short name found in the top right corner of your ISP platform: 

  • A screenshot of the Numero Integration installed in your ISP platform: 

Numero integrates with ActBlue to pull in your committee's ActBlue contributions directly to your Numero platform. If you have the CRM this means that if the integration is turned on, you will not have to import your ActBlue contributions and they will show up in real-time. While you cannot import in the payment processing only platforms the ActBlue integration is also available for payment processing platforms so that they can view all card contributions together in one dashboard. To turn on your ActBlue integration please email support@numero.ai with a link to your ActBlue contribution page as well as the backfill date (date in which you first started collecting contributions for this committee through ActBlue or the date of the first contribution from ActBlue you want to show up in your Numero platform). 

Example of ActBlue integration live in Numero platform: 

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