How can I schedule exports?

If you or your teammates find yourself consistently exporting the same list of contacts, interactions, pledges, or contributions, you can now schedule exports to be sent to you at a frequency of your choosing (daily, weekly, monthly). To schedule your exports, follow these instructions:

1. Open the contacts, interactions, pledges, or contributions tab and apply your filters. Once your filters have been applied select the Export icon in the top right corner. 

2. From the export side panel you can add a name or a description to your scheduled export. Choose a data export type from the available offers or choose custom to hand select your export criteria. Click here to read more about export types and how to customize an export. Lastly, you'll also see an option to toggle a button on to schedule for later, toggle to yes.  

3. Next you will be able to choose the frequency at which you receive this export, what time you want to receive the export, and which users you want to receive the export. These future exports will be sent to you and any users in your platform at the email address provided in their user settings. Select your criteria and select the schedule export button. 

4. If you need to change something about your scheduled export you can select the Exports tab and select the Scheduled Exports option. Select the ... to the far right of the export you wish to modify. Select Edit Scheduled Export to edit the frequency, day of week, time, timezone, or recipients. To pause a scheduled export temporarily, choose the Deactivate Scheduled Export option, you'll be able to reactivate it whenever you wish to resume the scheduled exports. To stop sending scheduled exports choose the Archive Scheduled Export option. 

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