Can I refund Electables?

Before you create your NFT Electables Contribution Form, your committee will need to decide how you want to handle refunds. Below I will outline your options when it comes to refunding Electables: 

Option 1: You refund the donor and have us burn (remove) the NFT from their wallet

This is a good option for your team should you want to retain the ability to refund donors for any reason (they donated by accident, they went over their individual max, etc), and don't want them to keep the NFT once refunded.

Option 2: You refund the donor and let them keep the NFT

This may be a good option if you want to retain the ability to refund donors, but want them to keep the NFT. You may choose this option for circumstances like a donor going over the individual max - if they really want the NFT and have donated a lot to your campaign but can't donate enough to buy the NFT, maybe you want to allow them to keep it even after refunding their donation. 

Option 3: No refunds

You also have the option to not allow refunds on these forms. The downside of this option is obvious - that you can't refund the contribution if they are over the limit or if the donation was an accident. However, if you feel that Options 1 and 2 ruin the integrity of the NFT, then you could opt to not allow refunds. 

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