How do I issue a Numero refund?

Admin users in your account can issue a refund for the contribution so long as the contribution was not made more than 90 days ago. If the contribution is older than 90 days, you'll need to issue the refund at the committee level via check or cash. If you want to stop a donor's recurring contribution, follow the instructions outlined in this article

1. To initiate a refund, first, open the contribution you wish to refund and select the edit button in the top right of the refund card. 

2. Select the orange Issue refund button. 

  • DO NOT select the purple Record Refund button if you actually want to refund money back to the donor's card. If you are making a manual refund for record-keeping purposes because the donor's money was returned via another method (check, cash, etc) you can use the record refund option.  
  • If you do not have the orange refund button either you are not an Admin, the Numero contribution is older than 90 days and the committee needs to issue a check, or the contribution is not a Numero contribution and needs to be refunded via the same payment method in which it was received (ex: Contact ActBlue to refund an ActBlue contribution). 

3. Enter the amount you wish to refund (partial more than $1 or full amounts are allowed) and any notes if applicable 

4. Type the refund phrase into the red confirmation box exactly as listed with the same spacing, spelling, and capitalization

5. Select Issue Refund. Please be sure to want the funds returned to the donor's card before selecting this button as there is no way to reverse a refund. 

6. You'll be notified when the refund has been processed via email if you sign up to receive refund notifications via the Settings- Notifications tab. 

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