How do I create/edit my NFT / Electables Contribution Form?

Before you start creating your NFT form, you must fill out our Electables Setup Requirements Sheet. If you have not filled this out yet, please fill it out and send it back to before you follow the below steps. If you do not know what the Electables Setup Requirements Sheet is but are interested in using our NFT forms, please email

If you have filled out Electables Setup Requirements Sheet follow the steps below to create your NFT form. 

1. If you are creating a form from scratch, select the forms tab and select the add new form button. Next, select NFT Contribution Form

2. Basic Information:

  • Add or edit the form URL and source code if you which to use a source code

3. Contribution Form:

  • To make changes to the header or the supporting text, change or add the text to the fields. 
  • To add contribution amounts, you can select or type in the amounts you want to be displayed. To delete, select the X next to the amount. In many situations on the NFT Form, you may want to set a single price. If that's the case, just create one amount.
  • By default, the NFT form will not have an other option next to the contribution amount on the form. If you want there to be an other option where a donor can choose whatever amount they want to contribute in order to receive the NFT, then you can toggle that button on. 
  • If you are choosing to restrict the amount of NFTs that can be sold on a single form, you may want to add an overflow URL to this page. An overflow URL would trigger if someone tried to donate on that form after all of the NFTs have been sold. It would take them to another page with an intake form that asks for their name and email so you could remember to reach out to them the next time you drop new NFTs. Numero does not make a form that can do this, so you would link to an external form such as a Google Form
  • If you have custom disclaimers, please toggle to Yes and add in the necessary verbiage.

4. Thank You Receipt:

  • To make changes to the header or the supporting text, change or add the text to the fields. 
  • Optional: Add a redirect URL in the field.
  • You can add a team member's email from the drop down under the Replies to Receipt Emails Sent To. Any time a donor replies to their receipt with a question, those emails will go directly to the team member selected. Numero will receive the replies, if no team member is selected. The benefit to adding a team member is that it will cut down on the time between Numero forwarding the replies. 
  • Be sure to select Save Form. 

5. Raiser Invitation Email (optional):

  • If you want to add Raisers to a specific contribution form, make sure to edit the Raiser Invitation Email section of the form editor. 
  • Select a team member to receive replies in the Replies to Raiser Invitation Emails Sent To drop down.
  • Add a subject and a welcome message
  • Be sure to Save Form

To add Raisers to your form, here is how you would do so.

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