Dashboard Insights to Act on Now

Are you missing valuable $ in your dashboard? Here are 2 quick and easy filters to give you insight that you can take action on to find last-minute contributions and donors this month!

Pledges: All Unfulfilled Pledges
(Available in CRM platforms)

Turn that 🤝 into a 💵  with a quick view of all of your unfulfilled pledges!

Don’t let donations fall through the cracks - especially now when each dollar is critical. Give your donors the opportunity to fulfill their promise and to give while they still have the chance to aid your campaign. Use the All Unfulfilled Pledges shortcut to create calltime lists based on pledge amount. If your list looks long and arduous, segment it into calltime lists based on contact code or commitment level to easily generate conversation with your prospects. 

Other considerations for unfulfilled pledges:

  • View their last associated activity: Look at your method of communication with them last time and consider changing it up. If you emailed them, consider calling or texting for example 
  • Bulk add notes: Give your calltime volunteer or candidate a script that explains why they’re being called and provides notes to help fulfill that pledge
  • Close them out: perhaps the donor is unable to fulfill their pledge at this time, closing out the pledge without deleting the record helps you identify future opportunities for contributions from the donor

Contributions: Ghosted Contributions
(Available in CRM and Payment Processing only platforms)

Never been ‘ghosted’ before? Consider yourself lucky - either you just don’t yet know what ghosted means or everyone wants to be in your company and would never leave your message unanswered or - for us - a contribution left incomplete.  

Ghosted contributions 👻 are the equivalent of ‘abandoned carts’ in your Numero platform. Through your dashboard, you can view details of all of these abandoned transactions that were started by a potential donor but for any given reason the donor never hit the DONATE button.  Your dashboard also summarizes the total amount these contributions would have brought in if they were completed. 

When viewing ghosted contributions, you can view contact details for each potential donor. Consider reaching out or adding them to an upcoming calltime list to generate conversation and help them complete their transaction. People abandon their transactions for many different reasons - maybe they didn’t have their card on hand or maybe they had second thoughts on the amount, etc. Whatever the reason, these folks are at your fingertips and ready to be revived! 

Other considerations for ghosted contributions:

  • Expand or shorten your date range: Are you seeing 50+ or just too many ghosted contributions listed? Refine the dates of your filter and shorten the timeframe to reach out to folks who ghosted this week only, while it’s fresh on their minds
  • Add a filter for Raiser: Divide up the work and view these ghosted contributions by Raiser. Share the names with that associated Raiser and have them engage their circle directly

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