How do I Filter by Number of Contributions, Interactions, or Pledges?

If you want to filter your contacts by  number of activities (contributions, interactions, pledges), you would need to:

1. Go to the  Contacts tab in your CRM and select Add Filter.

2. Once you select the  Activity you want to use for the filter, you will be able to specify the number of times a contact has made a contribution, interaction, or pledge. 

For example, you can add a filter to find all of your contacts who have only donated once:

Or, you could add a filter to find all of your contacts that you've left at least 2 voicemails for:

Things to keep in mind: 

1. When you use the number of activities filter with another distinguisher (like I did in the above example with at least 2 times and the Left Voicemail result) it will yield contacts that have at least 2 voicemails, regardless of other interactions that are on a contact record. For example, if John Smith's contact record has 10 interactions and 3 of them are Voicemails, John would meet these filter criteria. However, if Sarah Lawson has 2 interactions but only 1 Voicemail, she would not meet these filter criteria.

2. This filter cannot be used at the same time as the amount filter for min/max/total/average contributions or pledges, so either of these inputs will become disabled when the other is active. Meaning, you cannot add a filter for contacts that have at least 3 contributions of a minimum of $50. You have to either use the number of contributions part of the filter or the amount part of the filter.

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