How do I filter and save a new calltime list?

1. From the Contacts tab in your CRM, apply filters to compile your desired list. Once you have your list created, select the Send to App option in the top right of your CRM. Note- if you plan to access this list frequently, you may want to consider also saving the list (use the save icon and locate the list in your lists tab). 

2. When the create Calltime List slideout opens on the right-hand side, you can name your list, give it a description (optional), category, due date, source code, member code, and/or select an associated contribution form in which you'll have the ability to mail merge into emails and texts when you send donors your link to contribute. 

Category: give your calltime lists a specific category, like if all the donors on the list reside in the state of Calfornia, you can label the calltime list with a category of State

Source Code: will append to pledges that are recorded via logging an interaction

Member Code: generally only consulting platforms utilize this feature - this will privatize information in the calltime app so, for example, you are a consultant and you're building a calltime list for Candidate A. Be sure to assign the Member Code of Candidate A when sending the calltime list to the app, so that only Candidate A member coded interactions, pledges, and/or contributions are visible for said candidate. All interactions and/or pledges logged via this Candidate A calltime list will automatically be associated

You will also be able to select a sharing setting. The sharing settings to choose from are private, team and custom. 

Private: Only you will be able to manage and access the calltime list

Team: Any teammate in your account can manage and access the calltime list

Custom: Specify certain team members who can manage and access the calltime list (team members need to have access to your platform to access the list, you can grant volunteer call time only access by following these instructions)

3. When you've completed filling out the Calltime list panel, select Save calltime list. At this point you can add text and email template options to your call time list, or you can do this part later following our instructions on how to create text and email templates

4. You can find your list under the Calltime Lists tab in the bottom left corner of your CRM. Click the name of the list to open your call time list. You can also start a new CallTime List by selecting the + New Calltime List button on the right hand side. 

5. From the backend of your call time list on the Contacts Tab you can add additional contacts to your list, mark a contact as complete, log an interaction for a contact, edit a contact, archive a task as well as view basic information on each contact such as ask amount, left to max, last pledge, etc. 

6. Access your Call Time List in the front end of the App by navigating to the search field to type in the name of your list. If your list is not yet appearing in the front end of the App, slide down on the screen with your thumb to refresh the App. Click on your list to open it up and begin calling your donors. If you need to edit your list at any time, see our article on how to edit an existing call time list

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