How can I reattribute a contribution?

You may need to reattribute a contribution when all or part of the contribution needs to move from one donor to another (ex: a spouse tries to contribute together and you need to split the contribution evenly amongst them or a donor is over their limit and you need to move that overage amount to someone else in their immediate circle).  You are able to record a reattribution record directly in your platform in these instances.  Keep in mind, in order to complete a reattribution, you will need to make sure the other individual or organization you are moving the amount to has been added as an associated contact within the original donor's profile (see How do I Associate Contacts?). Below are steps to reattribute a contribution fully or partially to an associated contact:

  •  Make sure the person or organization you are reattributing to has been added as an associated contact to the profile then select the contribution you are needing to reattribute

  • Next scroll down to the bottom of the contribution card then select Add Reattribution

  • Then select the associated contact from the drop-down. **If you do not see the correct name in the drop-down, please go back to the profile and add them as an associated contact.  Then come back to this step to continue the reattribution process.**

  • You'll then want to include the Amount you are reattributing and any Notes needed.  If the original contribution has a Source Code/ Member Code/ Refcode/ Batch/ Raiser associated, those details will carry over to the reattribution being recorded. 
  • Select Add Reattribution

  • To reverse a reattribution, locate the original contribution and scroll to the Reattributions section, select the trash icon next to the reattribution you would like to delete, and select the Delete Reattribution when the side panel displays. 

It is recommended that you keep your compliance team well aware of any reattributions recorded and deleted in your platform so that they know how to report the contributions on your filings. 

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