Can I issue a refund to a reattributed contribution?

If you had reattributed a Numero (payment method) contribution to an associated contact but it turns out you need to issue a refund (full or partial) to the original donor and the reattributed donor, you can do so within the platform.  Follow the below steps on how to issue that refund:

  • Locate the original donor's profile as you will need to issue the refund from the original contribution and select the contribution needing to be refunded.

  • Next, a right-hand side panel will appear with details about the refund. Enter the amount to be refunded on each contribution (the original contribution and the reattributed contribution). You can also enter any notes you want into the notes field. 
  • In the red confirmation box, type the given message to confirm the refund being issued and select the Issue Refund button at the bottom.
  • The refund will be returned to the original payment method used to make the contribution (the original donor) and cannot be reversed.

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