Can I view my deactivated contacts?

Now that you know how to deactivate a deceased individual or defunct organization, how can you view all your deactivated contacts? Follow the below steps to quickly filter for deactivated contacts. 

Quick Filter for Deactivated Contacts

  • From the Contacts tab, select the All contacts dropdown 
  • Select the Deactivated quick filter

  • The quick filter will then yield all deactivated contacts

Filter by Deactivated Contacts

  • From the Contacts tab, select Add filter then the Deactivated filter option

  • You can subfilter your deactivated contacts by the Reason [Deceased or Defunct], Notes [any notes that were recorded when the contact was deactivated], Deactivated By [a team member who deactivated them], and Date. Once the subfilter is selected, select Apply Filter. 

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