How do I duplicate my contribution form?

Duplicating your contribution form to make minor edits so that you can track incoming contributions from each form separately

  1. A good way to track incoming contributions from one source vs. another is to duplicate your forms and provide a unique URL and source code for each. If you want to duplicate a current contribution form, navigate to the Contribution Forms tab, select the three dots ยทยทยท to the right of the form you would like to, then dropdown and select the duplicate button on the form you would like to duplicate 
  2. You can then edit the new form following the instructions in the Edit Your Contribution Form article, including changing the URL and adding a new source code.
  3. Before clicking Save Form, be sure to review all fields of your copied form to check that all of the right data from your original form has been edited. This is important for your records, but also for the donor's records to ensure that their receipts display the right information for the new contribution form, ticket form, RSVP form, etc.

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