How do I filter using contact codes?

You can use contact codes as unique identifiers for groups of people in your CRM. If you want to quickly identify all of your neighbors for example, you can assign a contact code of Neighbor and then filter for that contact code to display all of the contacts that have been assigned that code. 

1. From the Contacts tab, select the add filter button and select Contact Codes. 

2. Select from the drop down of available contact codes or start typing in the contact code you are looking for, you can even select multiple codes at once. Once you have located the code(s) select apply filter. Alternatively, if you were looking to eliminate everyone who has certain contact codes you could select the Does not have contact code option to eliminate those contacts. 

3. Once you have applied the filter, you'll be left with just the filtered list of contacts who have been assigned the contact code(s) you selected. 

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