How can I view who has claimed their Electable/NFT?

Numero Plus CRM users have access to an NFT Claim status filter in their CRM that allows them to see not only who has bought an Electable/NFT but further who has: 

1- Been issued an Electable/NFT but has not claimed their Electable/NFT
2- Has Claimed their Electable/NFT 
3- Was Refunded and does not have access to their NFT (if the committee has opted to revoke NFTs when ). 
The filter is available in either the Contacts Tab or the Contributions Tab. 
From the Contacts Tab select Add Filter and from the available options select Contributions. 

Next, select NFT Claim (last option), then select the status you are looking for, and select Apply Filter. 

From the Contributions Tab select Add Filter and from the available options select NFT Claim. Select your Status and select Apply Filter. 

This should help you identify who has not yet claimed their NFT for any events you may be hosting for your NFT holders or help you troubleshoot who may still be having trouble claiming their NFTs. 

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