How do I use Soft Credits?

Have you ever wanted to provide credit to a bundler who wasn't a Raiser in your system? Or, perhaps you run a nonprofit and want to give credit to a donor who brought in checks or digital contributions from a fireside chat. With Soft Credits, you can give an Individual Contact or Organization in your system credit for another donor's contribution. 

This feature allows you to note on the contribution, interaction, or pledge who earned said activity. This could be helpful so your team can easily track and thank contacts that are responsible for more than just their own donations. See instructions on how to create soft credits below: 

  • Navigate to the contribution that you want to credit to another Contact / Organization

  • Next scroll down to the bottom of the contribution card then select Add Soft Credit

  • Then select the Contact or Organization that you want to give credit for this contribution and fill out the remaining details. If you want, you can create categories of soft credits and can store each credit in one of those categories. **Note: if you are soft crediting an interaction rather than a contribution, you still have to put an amount in the amount field. The amount can be 0 if needed

  • Then, click Add Soft Credit

  • Once you've created the soft credit, you can view it on the Credited Contact / Organization under the Soft Credits tab. Here, you'll be able to view all of the contributions that you've credited that record with. Remember, this donation still came from the original donor, this tool just allows you to internally credit a different contact for the donation. You'll see that there are also total numbers that we provide too, so you can easily view the impact that this contact has had on your fundraising.

  • To edit or delete the soft credit, click on the three dots next to it, and either choose to edit or delete. From there, either make the change and save the edits, or click "Delete Soft Credit"

To learn more about filtering for your Soft Credits, click here

Note: This feature is included in our Numero Plus and Pro package. If you do not have Numero Plus and Pro and wish to learn more contact 

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