How do I add a source code to a contribution?

Source codes can be helpful in the Numero CRM to group your contributions together. The below article will walk you through how to add a source code to a singular contribution or how to bulk import a source code to multiple contributions. If you want to manage your source codes in more detail, including bulk editing your source codes or categorizing them please see our article on the Code Management Center.

1. You can add a singular source code to a contribution by editing that individual contribution. 

2. Select the Contribution in the donor's profile 

3. Select the pencil icon to edit the contribution 

4. Select the source code section and start typing in the name of a new source code, select create, and select save contribution. This source code will now be available as a source code from the drop down menu for future contributions. It will also be searchable when you want to filter your contributions by source code.  

5. You can also bulk import source codes via a contributions import. You'll need to make sure you have a column in your CSV upload file labeled 'Source Code' and the cells underneath it should contain 1 source code per contribution. Be sure to include all contribution details to ensure you do not duplicate existing contributions, you can use our contributions template to help with this.

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