How do I locate my RSVP form for the event?

1. After you have created your RSVP tracked event form, select the box with the arrow next to the name of your form to open up your RSVP form in a new window. 

You can also get to your RSVP form from the form editor. Select the view form link in the top right corner, next to Update Form. 

2. Copy and paste the URL at the top of your browser into your event invitation- this is your RSVP URL. If you have chosen the RSVP first option, your guests need to fill out this form in order to receive an RSVP confirmation email. All fields are required fields except for the "ask a question" field. 

3. After your guests RSVP they will be taken to your contribution form so that they can opt to contribute prior to your event. 

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