How do I add a singular interaction?

1. To add a singular interaction, select the Interactions tab on the lefthand side. Then you will want to select Add Interaction on the righthand side.

2. Start typing in a contact's first or last name. Select contact the contact name you want to add an interaction to from the down.

3. Fill out the necessary fields to complete your interaction. You can add the Type (drop down only), Result (accepts custom fields), any Notes, the Date (you can also back date), and the Team Member who had that interaction.

4. If the contact gave a pledge, you can add a pledge to the interaction. Include the amount, commitment level and a source code, if needed. Select add interaction to complete the interaction. 

5. If you have interactions living in a spreadsheet elsewhere, you can bulk import those interactions. Follow the instructions in this article to bulk import interactions. 

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