How can I change my outgoing phone number in my App?

If you do not want to use the number associated with your device's cellular plan to make outgoing phone calls, Numero offers an App integration with OpenPhone. This will allow you to make outgoing phone calls generated from a number other than the one associated with your device. 

1. First, you'll need to create an OpenPhone Account. You can set this up directly through OpenPhone via this link. You'll be able to choose an outgoing phone number with an area code of your choosing and can even create a unique caller ID (CNAM) following these instructions. You'll be billed by OpenPhone directly for your account with them and OpenPhone services are not included in your Numero services package price. 

2. Once you have created an account with OpenPhone, download the OpenPhone app and ensure the new phone number they provided you with is connected to your device. 

3. Open your Numero App and select the top-right menu icon to select Settings. Change the phone configuration to OpenPhone instead of My phone's default and select Done. You can switch back to your phone's default at any time. 

Please follow OpenPhone's guidelines for staying consistent and compliant with your outbound call efforts to ensure the best connection rate possible. 

Please Note: Numero is happy to field questions about the OpenPhone Numero integration via For questions regarding your OpenPhone account please reach out to OpenPhone directly:

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