How do I create and edit call result options?

Your CRM comes with "Spoke, Left Voicemail, Team Follow Up, Donated, Declined, Remove, Do Not Call, Bad Number, Cohost" as available call result options in the App. If you'll want additional options, before you log your calls in the front end of the App, you'll want to make sure that you create the additional options in the App Results Editor in the Calltime Lists section of the CRM first. To edit your app call result options: 

1. Select the Calltime Lists tab in the lower left corner of your platform. Select the three dots ... next to the call time lists header in the middle of the page and select edit default call results. 

2. In the App Result editor, to enter a new call result name, enter the name in the new call result box and select the +Add Result button. To reorder your call results, drag and drop them in the order you would like them to appear in the app. To remove a call result type from the front end of the app, select the X to remove the call result time. Select save default call results upon completion. 

NOTE: Editing your default call results in this App Result editor, does not remove existing call results with these names from your CRM. Similarly, adding a new call result type to your CRM while adding a new interaction to a user's profile in the CRM, does not allow for that call result type to show up in the App. All result types you want present in the App as available choices need to be added via this App Result editor. 

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