How do I use member codes?

CRM users can utilize member codes to categorize or privatize their interactions and contributions. Teams may use member codes to tag interactions and contributions as belonging to a specific committee or cycle year if their candidate has run for multiple offices or cycles or is raising into a Victory or unlimited fund. While privatization is not the main goal in this instance being able to filter the dashboard and contributions by member code to only see contributions for the selected member code can be very helpful. Maybe you are a consultant or a caucus for example and you want to categorize your interactions and contributions by campaign so that you can easily filter for each campaign- member codes can help achieve this goal. 

How do I create a member code? 

There are three ways to create a new member code: 

  • You can create a new member code in your code management center. For this option see our article on how to create new codes in your code management center.
  • You can create a new member code as you are bulk importing new interactions or contributions. For this option make sure your import file has a column header labeled 'member code' and see our article on how to bulk import interactions or contributions.
  • You can create a new member code as you are adding a member code to a new interaction or contribution.  For this option simply select edit on the contribution or interaction and in the member code field begin typing the name of your new member code. Select save interaction or save contribution. 

How can I filter by member code?

From the Contacts tab you'll need to filter by has interacted or has contributed, select the member code tab, choose your member code and select apply filter. 

From the interactions and contributions tab you'll need to add a filter for has or does not have member code, select your member code from the dropdown and select apply filter.

How can I bulk apply a member code? 

You can bulk apply member codes to interactions or contributions by selecting the individual interactions or contributions you would like to bulk action apply the member code to and selecting actions, member code. 

You'll then want to select the member code you would like to bulk apply or create a new one and select update member code. Note: If you are updating several thousand interactions or contributions with member codes please allow ample time for the codes to continue to apply. 

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