How do I filter my contacts by address info?

If you want to filter through your contacts by address info (city, state, zip), you would need to:

1. Go to the  Contacts tab in your CRM and select Add Filter.

2. Select  Address from the Filter list. 

3. You will then be able to include any contacts who have an address including or does not have an address including the selected criteria within this filter. 

The filter includes: At Least/Between/At Most/Exactly an amount of Addresses, Zip, City, State, Country, County, Type, Address Line 1, Validated Date, Opted-Out Date. 

For example, you can filter for contacts who live in the city of New York with an address type of Home, or you can filter to see contacts within 5 miles of the area code 90210. You can also choose multiple Zips or Cities. If you choose multiple zips or cities in the dropdown, it will show all contacts who match any of the zip/city options you choose. If you want to see how many contacts have exactly 5 addresses associated to their profile, you can do that!

4. Select Apply Filter to see the results.

NOTE: When searching for multiple values you can either select them from the dropdown or paste them in if you've copied the zips from somewhere else. If copy / pasting a string of values into the filter, make sure the values are separated by a comma when copying them. Once copied, return to the filter and paste the values by using the keyboard shortcut CMD + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (PC). See screenshots below for reference:

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