Top 3 Recommended Exports

Your  contacts are imported, contributions are starting to flow, and you and your CallTime staff are logging all sorts of interactions (we see you, committees of one!).  But how do you know if your team is making progress?  

Numero’s automated exports provide the stats you need to track your progress straight to your inbox! Choosing the right export lets you leverage dynamic data and helps you determine where to focus your valuable time. We  surveyed our committees and found three exports are most frequently used by committees to track progress.  

Daily CallTime Export

Receive a recap on each day’s interactions from CallTime. Schedule a nightly report by exporting interactions that happened less than “1” day ago. You’ll get all of your interactions from that day including the call result, call notes, caller, and more.  Show me How!

A CallTime Export sounds so straightforward, but it’s full of information that will improve your CallTime as a whole. Here are some tips for making more out of your CallTime report:

  • Dropping a lot of voicemails? If more than 50% of your call results are ‘Left Voicemail’, you may want to consider a tool like voicemail drops that will help you save 30 seconds per call by dropping a pre-recorded voicemail to your donor. Learn More about VM Drops here
  • Secure that connection: Check your connection rate by measuring up your ‘Spoke’ result to the total calls made that day. Whether you’re speaking with 3 donors per hour or 20, knowing that information can help you decide which tools (like voicemail drops) or templates you need so that you can combat low connection rates.
  • Acknowledge your team: When you see a certain caller’s name appearing over and over in these interactions, it might be time to share your appreciation for their hard work. If it’s your name, well, consider this a pat on the back from Numero’s Team CS!

Weekly Contributions Export

The glory days of counting cash and reconciling check contributions may not be totally over, but those moments seem to be fading away. Let a good export replace that satisfying tactile feeling of success! Schedule an export to be sent to you on a weekly basis by exporting Contributions that happened less than “7” days ago. You’ll get contribution amounts, raiser info, payment methods, and more.  Show me How!

A little sorting can help you plan your next move:

  • If you thank them, they will grow: Sort contributions in descending or ascending order to segment your donors by giving level. Send a special thank you to those who donated over a certain threshold and keep them engaged. Alternatively, you can send a special thank you to donors who gave at a more entry-level amount with plans to encourage recurring donations.
  • Evaluate your contribution sources: Applying source codes can help you figure out where your most successful fundraising stems from (calltime, events, etc). Learn more about source codes here.

Pledge or Follow-Up Export

Let Numero do the work and get a regular pledge/follow-up export to help you create the next CallTime list.  Schedule a Pledges export to be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis by exporting Pledges that happened less than “1” or less than “7” days ago. You’ll receive pledge amounts, commitment levels, and notes from the interaction.  Show Me How!

Convert pledges into contributions:

  • Strike while the iron is hot: Find the most recent pledges with a hard commitment level, add them to your next CallTime list and pin them to the top of the list so you don’t skip a beat!
  • Skim the notes section: Your brain on CallTime is more powerful than you know! Scroll through the column of notes that were made on CallTime for the week and look for keywords. Add the enthusiastic results to a follow-up CallTime list in a month (or sooner) and register a soft pledge to their profile.

Automated exports give you a world of opportunity - use these exports to inform your strategy and your choices become data-driven, dynamic, and current. Your finger is on the pulse and you can spot trends right away. Plus, after long days of calling hundreds of your candidate’s constituents or coordinating your CallTime staff, you may need to remind yourself just what a CallTime all-star you are!

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